PowerSchool Parent Portal- How to create an account


Jericho PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal

Quick Start Guide


 PowerSchool is Jericho's student information system, used to record and track student records, including grades and attendance. PowerSchool also allows us to share attendance and grade information with our students and their parents/guardians via our PowerSchool Portal.

Follow along with this guide to create a parent/guardian account on our PowerSchool Portal, allowing you to view all of your student's current grades and attendance information via one unified login.

To begin, visit our PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Portal login page: https://powerschool.jerichoschools.org/
or click the PowerSchool Parent Portal link on the Parents Resource page from the Jericho website at:

Portal signin


You will see the following screen, at right:

 1.   Click the Create Account button

 2.   The screen below will appear:



 This screen is used to set up access and link to your children

Portal AccountEnter an e-mail address.Note: The e-mail address MUST be unique. If Parent/Guardians share the same e-mail address, you should only set up one parent access account.

 Enter a desired Username (no email addresses or apostrophes or spaces allowed in the Username).

 Enter a Password (no apostrophes allowed and it must be at least six characters)

 Enter the Name of each Student you wish to associate with.

 Enter the Access ID and Access Password for each student (this information will be emailed to you separately).


 NOTE: Should you enter something incorrectly, when you hit Enter, the edit checks will catch the error; but unfortunately, also blank out many of the fields you have entered. You must re-enter the information in its entirety before the record is created.

4.   You will receive this message if your account creation was successful.Parent Portal Success

f Parent/Guardians share the same account, ONLY ONE Parent/Guardian may access the account at a time


After successfully logging in, you will see a series of tabs under the

PowerSchool logo listing your student family members.

     Select the appropriate name to change the page to that student’s information.

What if you forget your login information?


On the login page click on the link Having Trouble Logging in?



If you forgot your Password:

     Fill in your User Name

     Fill in your e-mail Address

    Hit Enter

The system will authenticate your information and send you a Security Token to the e-mail address listed with instructions on how to reset your Password.


It is important to note that the Security Token sent is only good for 30 minutes. If the Parent/Guardian fails to reset the Password in that allotted time, you will need to repeat the process.


If you forgot your User Name:

    Click on the Forgot User Name tab

    Enter your e-mail Address

    Hit Enter

The system will authenticate your information and send you an e-mail listing your User Name.

View Video on setting up a Parent Portal account at: https://youtu.be/SkEv1zVsCY8